Software Engineer


Senior Software Engineer - Delivery Hero (2019 - Present)

Delivery Hero is one of the leading global online food ordering and delivery marketplaces. It processes more than 3 million orders per day, partnering with over 500 thousand restaurants and a fleet of riders. Delivery Hero operates in over 40 countries across five continents with over 22 thousand employees globally.


Here, I am working on the backend for campaign-related features in Foodpanda and Foodora by using Go, Redis, DynamoDB, Kubernetes, with Amazon Web Service as the main infrastructure. The backend of our main project, Campaign Carousel, can handle more than 800 thousand requests per minute with response time around 3 ms.

Tech Lead - Call Levels (2018 - 2019)

Call Levels is a market monitoring mobile application, serves more than 500 thousand investors globally.


In Call Levels, I was working on the new backend for the price monitoring and notification system by using Go and Google Cloud Platform technologies (such as Google Kubernetes Engine). My team’s main goal was to create a new backend with better performance compared with the previous backend app. The new backend was able to handle ~1 million concurrent price hits and send the notification to the users in a few seconds.

Before that, I was also working on the backend for Call Levels chat solution with Node.js and Google Dialogflow.

Principal Software Engineer - GDP Labs (2015 - 2018)

GDP (Global Digital Prima) Labs, founded in 2012, is a software product development-centric organization based in Indonesia. It’s main goal is to help sister companies and incubate startups.

In GDP Labs, I was mainly working on two big projects from Kaskus, the biggest online forum in Indonesia with more than 25 million users. The projects are Kaskus Big Data and Kaspay.

Kaskus Big Data

My team built the data pipeline in Kaskus by using Google Cloud Platform (e.g. Dataflow, PubSub, BigQuery) and Apache Airflow. We stored the whole data inside BigQuery. Then it can be used by the data analysts to create reports and by data scientists to build machine learning models.


Kaspay consists of payment bot (available on FB Messenger, Telegram, Line, and Kaskus Chat), wallet, voucher, and invoice system which were developed with Java (with Spring Framework) for the backend, and React for the frontend.